EOTAS MATTERS provides help and support to families whose children are struggling in mainstream education. We exist to support the parents and carers of neurodivergent learners who may need to access Education Otherwise Than At School through the EHCP system in England. 

We do this by educating parents, carers and professionals, providing help, advice and training around Neurodivergence; Special Educational Needs and Disability; Education Law; Human Rights; and Equality.  

EOTAS Matters is proud to be a Beyond the Binary Champion, with a commitment to supporting trans, non binary and gender nonconforming young people and LGBTQIA+ individuals.  

Facebook Community

An autistic-led space for parents and carers who need to learn about EOTAS via EHCPs. Our FREE Facebookrouis Neurodivergence-affirming, trans-inclusive and occasionally a bit sweary.

The group features regular Q&As and is a supportive community of knowledgeable parents and experienced advocates. 


The Marble Run


A brand new Community for adults supporting neurodivergent children and young people of all genders, who are experiencing barriers to attendance. 

Click the link below to take a look

Instant Access Webinars

Instant access to replays of Heidi's live Webinar series, including EOTAS Matters- best selling Webinar, EOTAS 101 - A Parents' Guide to Education Otherwise Than At School. 

All our Webinars include lifetime access with unlimited replays.

Unstoppable Parent

Unstoppable Parent is a five week course to take you from a wrung out, overwhelmed worrier to a trauma-informed Unstoppable Parent.

The next 2 courses starts 3 August

FREE Resources

Check out our FREE Videos and access our FREE How To Put Together an EOTAS Request PDF. 


NeuroCurious is a 12 Week Online Group Programme for Parents and Carers in Neurodivergent Households.  

This programme is now closed but we'll be opening for a new cohort in Autumn 2023.