"No guilt. No shame. No self-inflicted emotional pain" (Heidi Mavir)

Unstoppable Woman is an empowerment programme with a difference - we are not in the business of "push harder, work harder, become harder".

Rather we are in the business of:

  • practicing extreme kindness to yourself
  • learning to cherish - and enjoy - your precious time on earth
  • ditching the constant apologising for everything  
  • giving yourself permission to say "no"
  • finding the funny in situations
  • turning down the volume on negative self-talk

and ... most of all...


A survivor of childhood sexual abuse, and someone who had struggled with her mental health for many years, Heidi knows first-hand the pain caused by extreme self-doubt, low self-esteem and negative self-talk. Heidi spent years in therapy, on anti-depressents, attending motivational talks, reading self-help books, self-medicating with alcohol, staying busy and basically trying everything she could to not feel like crap. 

A mini breakthrough changed her outlook. She now works with other people to save them the pain and frustration of searching outside themselves for answers, working to enable people to unlock their own inner "Unstoppable". Heidi speaks publicly around issues relating to Mental Health stigma and runs online Unstoppable Bootcamps where participants are encouraged to take steps away from ideas that they are "not enough". 

Heidi doesn't believe that anyone is "broken". No one needs "fixing". Just some people have forgotten (or have never learned) how to feel Unstoppable.  She's here to help you change that for yourself. 

A message - and a gift - from Heidi

One of the things I teach a lot of my clients is Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or Tapping). I used to suffer terribly with panic attacks and EFT really helped me. I am not a huge fan of "tools" as a rule, because I believe that individuals have the power within themsleves to self heal and self sooth. EFT, however, is a tool which doesn't need anyone or anything else. I hope you find this demonstration helpful. If you need help with working out your own words or want me to go over with it with you 121, pop me an email at [email protected] 

Heidi x

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