THRIVE! Education, Inspiration, Motivation

THRIVE! is day of Bad Ass Speakers, Transformative Workshops and Expert-led Masterclasses. Spend the morning enjoying presentations from specially-invited guest speakers. In the afternoon, choose from a programme of practical workshops, including a Beginners’ Burlesque Class, an Instagram Masterclass and a “Let (Sh)it Go!” Workshop. All for one ticket price!

The event is curated by Heidi Mavir (The Unstoppable Woman) and Lindsay McGlone (The Fierce Fat Feminist). If you are into - or interested in - intersectional feminism, self care, sex positivity, fat acceptance, LGBTQ inclusion and mental health stigma-busting, and you are up for a day of feeling inspired, challenged and empowered, then this is the event for you!

Lineup includes:
Heidi Mavir - The Unstoppable Woman
Lindsay McGlone - The Fierce Fat Feminist
Jenny Dewsnap -Chair, Doncaster Pride
Sara Jane Harvey - Agony Autie, Autistic Activist
Rubyyy Jones - Burlesque Hall of Fame Winner and big, fat, fabulous, queer canadian
Lady Wildflower - International Burlesque Performer, Producer and Tutor ... plus live performances from Fluid-ity Drag Family Collective and spoken word artist Lydia Bernsmeier-Rullow

Recommended ages 14 years and up

Tickets Just £30

THRIVE! is sponsored by Wonderland Awaits
Speaker spots are supported by Topsy Curvy and Peacock Pretties

What IS Thrive!?

Thrive! Producers Heidi Mavir and Lindsay McGlone chat about what you can expect from their first ever live event in Doncaster!

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