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After taking an aromatherapy night class 'way back when', I have been using Essential Oils at home for over 20 years. Things in the oily world have changed a lot since then and last year I started to get really interested in just how much things have moved on. 

After a bout of severe ill health at the end of 2017, a friend recommended I try some DoTERRA oils - in capsule form! I was decidedly sceptical - everything I had ever read had warned against the internal use of essential oils but I trusted my friend and - after a bit of reading and checking the oils were safe - I gave it a go. I was astounded that the nasty cough I had been fighting off for 4 months (which wasn't helped by 2 rounds of antibiotics or a course of steroids) cleared up within 5 days of me using DoTERRA oils.  

I now spend some of my time educating people on how they can (safely) use Essential Oils to support themselves and their family members. I offer FREE online education classes, which you can find details of on my Facebook Page. Alternatively, if you would like to book a 121 consultation to discuss how you might use oils at home to support yourself and your family, send me an email HERE

How to get hold of DoTERRA Certified Pure Theraputic Oils - with 25% off!

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DoTERRA's Loyalty Reward Programme Explained. For people with DoTERRA oils.

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